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This Isn’t Your Ma’s Dinner Party!

Ok, this might not be the image you conjure in your mind when the word “camp” is mentioned….

Babes With Bullets Camp, Steamboat Springs, CO June 2012

What happened to dinner?!

  Steamboat Springs was host to another Babes With Bullets Camp, www.babeswithbullets.com, last month.  Smith & Wesson, www.smith-wesson.com, is the primary sponsor of the camps as you can see by the camp loaner guns, which are M&P 9mms, provided by S&W, equipped with our HIVIZ sights. 


  The camp had 30 women in attendance, anywhere from 20 years old to their mid- 60s.  We had beginners who had never touched a gun just wanting to get started, to a few competitors wanting to hone their skills, and some with personal life experiences that brought them to camp wanting to learn more about safe gun handling.   As always, the “dream-team” of instructors were there!   IPSC style shooting was the focus, first day is simple gun handling, safety, holster use, etc. before the ladies are moved on to “Bill Drills”, transitioning between targets, and movement and timing on regular IPSC stages.

“Back to the line for you!”

  And no, this wasn’t a camper trying to sneak off the line.  Camp Director, Deb Ferns was getting a little encouragement /pat on the back for a job well done from Instructor Judy Wooley.  

Our “Princess” bullseye shooter for the day!

  Deb makes sure the ladies have fun during their instruction and of course there is a “Princess” Bullseye shooter title to be had for the lady with the tightest shot group.

With a view like this, who cares what the accommodations look like!

  Of course our accommodations were over the top here also, but with views like this who would have cared? 

  The camps are a great avenue for women wanting to get some intensive training from the elite shooters like Kay Miculek and Lisa Munson, and a host of other top shooting instructors on their team, with some quality equipment and accessories to learn on.

“Ma would be impressed!”

Evolution of my “princess” …..

My "Girlie-Girl"

My daughter at 22 years old, came with me to her first Babes with Bullets Camp, www.babeswithbullets.com. We hopped in the truck with all my gear loaded and began our road trip north from Colorado through Wyoming and Montana, ending in Plains, MT, north western side of Montana and 14 hours drive for us from Fort Collins, CO.  I have my concealed carry permit and two ladies driving alone in no-mans land that far, I had the seat holster and my M&P 9mm between my knees.  I can only imagine my daughter thinking what did her mom get her into here!

My daughter has never shot nor really had much interest in going to the range to watch me shoot any of my competitions as of yet.  Somehow I talked her into signing up for the camp.  She was the “girlie-girl”in camp when we got there.

She had no idea before hand what to actually expect.  Keep in mind you have Kay Miculek and other top competitors teaching the camps.  We shoot 600+ rounds in two and a half days.  The first day about noon, my daughter tells me she is tired and thinks she’s had enough shooting for one day.  Oh no…dear, you aren’t close to being done with these ladies!

I see a little lip quivering and I’m thinking, please don’t cry in front of these women… Had it not been my daughter I would’ve been thinking, get your big girl panties on and get with the program already!  But this is my baby, and somehow she sucked it up and when it was all over, had a great time and has shot more since attending her first camp. It was a fantastic mother/daughter trip that neither one of us will ever forget.

This past year I went with her when she purchased her first firearm!  My princess has evolved!  From “girlie-girl”, which she still is….to purchasing her first firearm. What a journey for her, and it’s only beginning! 

Montana Babes With Bullets Camp

I am so proud of her and excited for her journey that lies ahead, not just in shooting sports, but all the opportunities for her to experience new adventures in life.  Don’t be afraid to reach beyond your comfort zone!

Tough Enough to Wear Pink: Babes With Bullets Ladies Action Pistol Camps

Babes with Bullets Intermediate Camp:  I am a  four time returning alumnus to the BWB Camps www.babeswithbullets.com .  Smith & Wesson is their primary sponsor.  HIVIZ Shooting Systems provides the sights on the Smith & Wesson M&P9L pistols used for training.  In conjunction with the sights we also provide scholarship funds for ladies who may not otherwise be able to attend the camps on their own.  I have experienced the first time camper through the more experienced competitors attending camps. 

Babes with Bullets and other women who believe the Constitution
Chicago Tribune
Babes With Bullets

Enjoying my first experience, I was anxious to bring my then 22 year old daughter who is not a shooter, to the second camp.  My goal was not to turn her into a competitor but to thoroughly familiarize her with handgun operation and safety.  These basics are drilled into you at the beginner camps through close supervision and lots of hands on time with the pistols.  Secondly, and maybe most importantly, my goal for her was to build her self-confidence.  Myself I consider very fortunate to work in the gun industry and having had some excellent mentors along the way.  These facts along with some independent women in my life, have shaped who I am.  But I see many women that do not have this; would never attempt a camp like this; and just plain don’t think they can.  It means something to these women who may have a low self esteem to push the envelope in their lives.  There is a great sense of accomplishment, a renewed self-confidence for many of these women after attending the camp.  They realize they “can do” and I truly believe this spills over into all aspects of their personal lives.  I saw this change in my daughter and know this was one of those “life enriching” experiences not soon to be forgotten.

Daughter and Instructor Judy Wooley at the Montana camp May 2009

Besides the sport being totally enjoyable, at the intermediate camp where most of us had some level of experience in competitions, we focused more on honing our skills, reinforcing basics and control that will give you the means to advance in USPSA, www.uspsa.org.

For me it was stance, grip, trigger control to work on and then putting that together with stage analysis and movement for a smooth run.  It was learning to trust my skills and start pushing myself for speed and accuracy.  Yes, there is room for improvement!  Practice, practice, ….and more practice. 

The sport is exhilarating and I find such a sense of satisfaction when you know you ran a stage well and that adrenalin is still flowing!

Instructors: Kay Miculek, Judy Wooley, and Deb Keehart showing off their sponsor shirts at the Steamboat Springs Camp, May 2011.

Lastly, I can’t say enough about the top notch instructors; their collective experience and most impressive records in the sport!  Included among the instructors are two-time IPSC World Champion/nine-time USPSA National Open Champion, Kay Clark Miculek; and nine-time USPSA Limited Champion, Lisa Munson. How lucky are we to participate in a course like this?!