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Oh the Stories at Babes With Bullets Camps…

Danielle of Smith & Wesson and Maggie Reese Instructing

The third week of April I attended another Babe’s With Bullets Camp in Shreveport, LA at Kay and Jerry Miculek‘s range.  This camp was a rifle/pistol combo instruction.  Of course the M&P pistols that S&W provides for the camps all have the HIVIZ sights installed on them. 
We had about 30 women, some of us sponsors of the camps and/or women of the industry attending, S&W, HIVIZ, Atlanta Ammo, Ducks Unlimited, etc.  One younger girl that came on at the last minute had been quite competitive and played international soccer a few years back.  Long story short, she had been in a bad car accident which ended her budding soccer career.  She is one of those natural athletes and her dad wanted to see her get back into a sport that would drive her competive nature once again.  Well, some of us stayed in the bunk house on the range, there being several bunks in our room.  I was the oldest of the women in there.  I was elected for the top bunk, the very TALL top bunk.  We let the young 20 year old girl, having permanent rods in her legs from the accident and Maggie Reese, one of the instructors and former Top Shots alum coming off knee surgery, have the two bottom bunks.  I’m the early riser in the bunk house…so I’m slowly trying to climb down in the dark.  I must have been making some creaking and groaning, old-lady-struggling-sounds, when the 20 year old on the bottom calls up “can you get down alright?!”  Bless her heart, rods in both her legs and all…but boy did that make me feel old and darned it made me want to beat her time on the stage when we got out there!  I may be “older” but certainly not “OLD”!  The other “older” ladies there got a kick out of that story though. 

Instructors, I don’t think you could ask to be in the company of any better!  Kay Miculek I believe holds the most National and World titles of any woman shooter!  Maggie Reese and Athena Lee, both top competitors and Top Shot alums.  Annette Aysen, Master Class revolver shooter and Lisa Munson another National and World title holder and Shiela Brey.  All amazing from different walks of life but with this one common thread, shooting sports.  Athena is originally from the Phillipines and one late evening a small group of us was sitting around relaying stories and using an old adage to describe someone we all new.  We laughed and laughed…Athena laughed…and after awhile stops dead face serious and says, “what does that mean anyway?”  Too funny.  What an incredible group of ladies. 

USA Shooting came out the last two days to film us running the stages.  Of course those camera guys have a way of sneaking up on you when one lady finished her stage and was relaying her feelings about a little blip she had on a few of the targets…..well, lets just say those little “blips” are now going to be “bleeped” from any airing!  Ooops!  She will now be forever known to me as ______ “FREAKIN” ______ , (who shall remain anonymous in my blog).

Between stages and waiting your turn to shoot one lady, Jennifer was teaching some of us her belly dancing moves.  I don’t know how she moved like that…apparently not to be on my lists of talents!  After awhile another lady is joining in….gee I never had the guys I shoot with be this entertaining! In fact, I really don’t want to see any of the guys at my range belly dancing!

Oh…the stories we could tell!