About ChrisQ

He’s resting after a rough day….

I grew up in south central Pennsylvania enjoying the outdoors with three siblings.  I really came to love it when we lived on a small farm.  My older brother and I rode horses almost every day across farms, through neighboring woodlands… my little utopia.  I never wanted it to end!  Ah, but we grew up and chose our different paths to follow.  I enrolled at Penn State University where I obtained a degree in Forestry.  After graduating I drove to Colorado and worked at Rocky Mountain National Park, then on to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in California.  I ended up settling back in Colorado working for the Park Service and eventually for HIVIZ Shooting Systems for 13 years and now recently have come aboard with the amazing team at Fiocchi Ammunition!

I just recently started my little post here just to give others an idea of some of the workings behind the scenes that go along with a job in the firearms industry…and the humor I see in everyday events.  I encourage you to get involved and enjoy the sport!  There are countless opportunities out there!


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